Earthen Gems is a boutique, handcrafted pottery business nestled in the heart of the Byron Bay Hinterland created and owned by Ruby Haldane.

All pieces are %100 handcrafted and unique and custom orders are welcome.

Have a wander about and enjoy!

Winter Clay: Drop in Sessions

Join us for 8 weeks as we stoke the creative fire this winter. Earthen Gems studio is open to come and play for just $45 a session.

All skill levels, and total creative freedom

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  • Pottery Workshops

    Learn the art of hand building.

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  • Checkers

    "Check out" my range of chekered glazed pieces.

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  • Vases and Homewares

    Boutique, rustic and beautiful. Pieces are often unique and one of a kind.

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Learn to create.

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